Chatters' charter

Please read the following before registering for or attending chat-therapy....


When you register for a session you are making a commitment to attend - and to pay for - the session you are registering for

If you don't attend the session then the chat-therapist is entitled to charge you the cost of the session - and you agree to pay this

If a deposit is taken it will not normally be returned


Please be punctual for each session - attending late may be distracting for the group, and the chat-therapist may not be able to admit you to the session

For your first session please allow time for finding the location, if in doubt please contact the chat-therapist for details of how to find the location

The sessions

Different chat-therapists will adopt different approaches to chat-therapy, and they will usually describe their approach in the Session descriptions, or in their profile on their Home Page. If in doubt feel free to contact them

In general chat-therapy, like all group therapy, adopts a set of core conditions which should be observed by all chatters in the group:

  • Acceptance of all other in the group
  • Awareness of sharing time to chat with your fellow chatters
  • Allowing other chatters to talk without interruption 
  • Unconditional Positive Regard toward others in the group
  • Congruence (or Challenge)  - having a real response with good intention
  • You are responsible for what you share in the group
  • All chatters agree to keeo confidential what is said in the group

Other group members and the chat-therapist will act together to make sure the core conditions are observed

Challenge is a part of the group therapy process - anger is not, and the group or the chat-therapist will decide what is appropriate and act to prevent it. You may be asked to leave.

If you'd like a guide from a master of group therapy then please read Carl Rogers Home Page