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    When editing your home page, or a session you can insert pictures by using the picture icon, looks like some mountains

    This will allow you to upload, insert and format pictures, including animated gifs

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    We said yesterday that we inherit a lot of built-in behaviour from our ancestors. They did things a certain way, and were successful - if they weren't we wouldn't be here

    We label this genetically inherited behaviour as our instincts - follow our instincts and we have a good chance of surviving

    Humans have a unique capability to learn behaviour in our life times (we don't mean to suggest other creatures don't - just that the ability is exceptional in humans). Dogs also learn behaviour - we call it pavlovian - show them a picture of a yellow car, and give the some food, a lot of times, then afterward they will run to a yellow car - even if they don't get fed

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    Anyone who's read Richard Dawkins' books will realize that a large amount of our behaviour is driven by our genetic ancestry

    We are each and every one of us descended from an unbroken line of successful ancestors - two lines actually - one from our father, one from our mother

    Every single ancestor back in that chain, through human beings, and if you believe in evolution, back through other mammals, back through whatever creatures mammals developed from, through some sort of sea creatures, perhaps millions of generations. Every single ancestor managed to survive childhood, have children, look after themselves and those children, and survive long enough that those children could continue the chain

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  • Submitted by: The chat-therap... some people sometimes react to a situation like a child?

    They cry, they have a tantrum, they sulk?

    Actually we all do it, but why?

    Because we learned this behaviour in the playground - it worked - and we've never learned anything better!

    Of course most of the time we have better coping strategies that we've learned in our adult years - but every now and then we have no better coping strategy, and we slip through our learned behaviourial patterns to the ones we learned first 

    Chat-therapy can help you spot these playground patterns - in both yourself - and others...


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    ...and you probably need chat-therapy

    We're just getting started with the chat-therapy concept

    We need like-minded people to join us - and help spread the word

    Whether you're interested in facilitating chat-therapy sessions, or you'd like to help spread the idea, then get in touch with us now



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    There are few people who wouldn't respect and admire Nelson Mandela for his courage, determination and compassion

    What can we learn to make our own lives better?

    To quote Nelson himself:

    Our human compassion binds us the one to the other - not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future be an inspiration to us all

    This quote we think beautifully captures the spirit of chat-therapy

    Rest in peace Nelson - you will always be an inspiration to us all

    Please share with us what you think we can learn from this compassionate man




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    Christmas is a difficult time for many of us - particularly those who have lost someone recently, or a long time ago

    We remember back with sadness to the Christmas's gone by we shared with loved ones who are no longer with us

    Talking with others who have the same experience can often help us to look back with happiness at those shared moments, and celebrate them together




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    Many of us have loved ones who need care and help, but we can't get always get to see them as often as we would like to

    And we can't always give the right sort of support and encouragement

    Why not give them the gift of chat-therapy?

    Not only does it help them with their issues in life, it gives you the peace of mind that they're meeting others with similar issues, all under the guidance of a trained counsellor




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    I have no specific goal for a particular group and I sincerely want it to develop its own directions. There are times when, because of some personal bias or anxiety. I have had a specific goal for a group. When this has happened, either the group has carefully defeated that goal or has spent enough time dealing with me that I have truly regretted having had a specific goal in mind. I have stressed the negative aspects of specific goals because, at the same time I hope to avoid these, I also hope that there will be some sort of process movement in the group and I even think that I can predict some of the probable generalised directions, but not any specific direction. For me this is a very important difference.

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    chat-therapy is a type of group counselling, or group therapy, where a group meets regularly with the guidance of a trained therapist or counsellor to discuss their issues and thoughts on life...




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